Why I love double handled dog leads

Loose Lead Walking

The most common technique I’m asked to teach dogs is how to walk on a loose lead. And its probably the hardest technique for a dog to learn. Why? Well, this is completely foreign to a dog! A dog simply wants to be in front, he wants to sniff what’s out there and protect you and hunt and, and, and ….

But this got me thinking, what if we there was a compromise. So the dog could walk ahead when it was safe, sniff about and explore but when the hooman needs the dog close to them, you could pull them in and keep them tight to you.

And so I developed the Double Handled Lead. Check out https://wearforwalkies.com/collections/dog-leads and then select your favourite colour and choose double handle.

Here’s a little video explaining exactly what makes a double handle lead special.#

If you need help with loose lead walking or other dog training techniques get in touch.

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