Are you punishing your dog when you call him back and he comes?

What’s one of the biggest reasons dogs don’t come when called?

Believe it or not, it’s because we often accidentally punish them for coming!

You call the dog to come inside from the garden (super interesting and full of great smells, pretty much doggie Disneyland). He comes inside (where it’s super boring and the smells are staler than the Top of the Pops hits of 1990) and you shut the door. You may even go out and leave him alone!

So … where’s the reward?

Surely he didn’t just drop everything he was doing and leave doggie Disneyland for you for this? Bummer!

He just got accidentally punished.

The same thing can happen if we call our dog and crate him, or call our dog and then trim his nails, or call him and then put his leash on him after he’s had a bunch of freedom. Anything our dog doesn’t like has the potential to be punishing if we do it when he’s expecting a reward.

But don’t worry – you can keep a great recall by making sure you reward him WAY more often than these negative things happen to him. Whenever he comes back to you – give him a treat. Treats don’t always have to be food, pop in a comment in you’d like some ideas of other treats you could be giving.

Happy training!

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